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10 Best Hospitals in Hisar

Best Hospitals in Hisar, There is nothing more important than our loved one Life.  And Good Hospital plays a vital role in saving the life of our Dear ones.  So first step in the battle of Saving a life or treating any disease is finding a good Hospital.

Healthcare is booming in India, India is getting great success in Healthcare, from liver transplant to cancer treatment.  Hisar is not far behind in Healthcare, Hisar has some fully Equipped Hospital with advanced medical equipment and medical expert.

if you are living in Hisar or Planning to come in Hisar for Treatment then first question running in your mind will be Which is the Best Hospital in Hisar?.  So we have compiled a list of Some Best Hospitals in Hisar to Keeping in mind following Factors:

— Experience of Doctors
— Cost of Treatment
— Quality of Treatment
— Availability of Test Machines and other Important Equipment
— Staff Behavior
— Hygiene and Cleanness
— Customer Rating

Best Hospitals in Hisar

1. Jindal Hospital

Jindal Institute of Cancer and Research Care is a very famous Radiotherapy Hospital located in Model Town, Hisar. The hospital is visited by the radiation oncologist like Dr. Vikas Jain and Dr. Deepak Kumar. It comes with all the latest advance technologies equipped in the hospital for the patients and proving them a better life than before. This is a 24×7 open hospital and can be visited anytime. Service provided by the Hospital is Oncology.

Location – Mahavir Colony, New Model Town
Call – 9896471111

2. Aadhar Hospital

Aadhar Hospital is an Otorhinolaryngology Hospital present in Hissar City, Hissar. The clinic is also visited by otorhinolaryngologist like the Dr. Bhushan Kathuria and also by Dr. Prabhu S. Swami.This hospital is open 24×7 for the patients. Some of the treatments/services provided by the Aadhar Hospital are Peptic / Gastric Ulcer Treatment, Rhinoplasty, Hearing Deficiency Assessment, ENT and Oncology, etc. The doctors here are well experienced and qualified and the medical and non-medical staff is well trained and polite to patients.

Location – Near South Bypass Crossing, NH10-Tosham Rd Connection Rd, Hisar
Call : 9729913333

3. Sarvodaya Hospital

The hospital was established in 2004 and providing the best pediatric services since then. This Multi-specialty hospital is located at a strategic location in the Bank Colony and this hospital is best for all ages from children to an old person. This Multi-specialty and cancer hospital has a very modern look and comes and provides the best service/facility to their patients. This hospital is open 24×6 and only closed on Sundays and it is best for the children’s as it provides all the facilities and fulfills the need of a child.

Location – Opp. Red Cross Bhawan, Delhi Road, Hisar
Call – 9812516009

4. Geetanjali Hospital

This hospital is located at a prime location in Model Town and was established in the year 2010. It is a Multi-specialty hospital and equipped with all the advanced technologies and comes with a vision to deliver the best to the patients. This hospital has placed itself in the top 10 best hospitals in Hisar in just 9 years of establishment. It comes with a well trained non medical staff and medical staff to offer their patients a variety of services like – X-ray, Pathology Lab, CT scan, Sonography, MRI scan, Blood bank, Casualty, Eye Bank, Cafeteria, I.c.c.u, Ambulance service, ATM facility, Chemist, Fax facility, STD facility, Internet facility, National Insurance, Health Checkup scheme, ICICI Lombard, International Patient Health plan, Bajaj Alliance, Credit and Debit card accepted.

Location – 11, Model Town, Hisar
Call – 9992564300

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5. Sukhda Hospital

Sukhda Hospital hisar

Sukhda Hospital is a well-recognized name in the hospitals of Hissar that have been providing their services to the patients since years and have established a name in Hissar. This hospital is located at Delhi road and is very easily accessible by any means of transport. Their Medical and non-medical staff have been proving great services to their patients like – X-ray, Pathology Lab, CT scan, Sonography, MRI scan, i.c.c.u, and casualty. They are a team of well knowledgable doctors that have been providing their patients a better life for years.

Location – Delhi Road, Hisar
Call – 9996648483

6. Sharda Hospital

Sharda Hospital is a well recognized private hospital established in the year 2004, located in Model Town. This private hospital comes with a vision to give the best care to the patient and equipped with all the advanced technologies. The hospital comes with a well trained staff of medical and non-medical staff and knowledgeable doctors who are always ready to serve their duty and make every patient happy.

Location – Gurudwara Road, model Town, Hisar
Call – 01662- 250866

7. Sapra Hospital

One of the oldest gynecologist hospital present in Sector 15 of Hisar and was established in the year 1960. As the hospital is old, so the staff present here are also old which increases the connection and loyalty of the patients to always visit in this hospital as the staff and the doctors are trusted to them. This is one of the leading hospitals in Hisar as it is also visited by famous celebrities, models and several international patients as well. This hospital is best for surgeries as it is equipped with all the advance surgery tools and open for patients 24×7.

Location – Rajgarh Road,Sec 15,  near Court complex, Hisar
Call – 9896015883

8. CMC Hospital

Established in the year 2000, located on Delhi road, comes with all the advanced facilities and modern infrastructure and is one of the upcoming names in the field of healthcare. As it is located at a prime location, so it is easily accessible by any means of transport at any time. The doctors are well experienced and qualified; the medical and non-medical staff is well trained. The services provided are – X-ray, Pathology Lab, CT scan, Sonography, MRI scan, Blood bank, Casualty, Eye Bank, Cafeteria, I.c.c.u, Ambulance service, ATM facility, Chemist, credit and debit card accepted.

Location – Near Delhi Road, Dabra Chowk, Bank Colony Hisar
Call – 9996166233

9. Lifeline Hospital

lifeline hospital

The Lifeline Hospital is located on Jindal chowk and established in the year 2012. This hospital is famous for its well experienced and knowledgeable doctors that are serving 24×7 to make their patients live better than before and are well known across the city. The physician handles the patients of following cases: neurology, gastroenterology, dermatology, diabetology, endocrinology, homeopathy, etc. Other types of illnesses that are treated here are – asthma, hair loss, and other acute & chronic diseases.

Location – Jindal Hospital Road, Dayanand Colony, New Model Town, Hisar,
Call – 01662223333

10. Aarogya Hospital


Recently established in the year 2015, this is located at Urban Estate 2, comes with all the advance and latest technology equipped in the hospital for the patients admitted here. The doctors of this hospital deal with the treatment of the musculoskeletal system which is basically the treatment of correction of spinal and bony deformities which occur in children’s and adults. The doctors here have received specialized training from famous national and international centers.

Location – Near LIC office, Urban Estate-II, Hisar
Call – 01662-245450

We may have made List of Some best Hospitals in Hisar, But for our Readers Reviews matters Most, So Don’t Forget to write your views in the comment Section Below or On Social Media Page – Hisar Fever 


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