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5 Best Pizza Restaurant In Hisar

Pizza is always on our list when we visit the market or when we feel hunger. In our country, most of the people love to eat pizza. It has a large number of varieties and different people have different tastes and it can be made with a person’s taste. It not only has tasteful also helps you to bring down your hunger. When you are craving Pizza is the first thing that comes in your mind. Hisar is a city with the best Pizza in Hisar.

When you pick your slice and the cheese get stretch then looking that cheese expansion makes your heart warm. The curves of slices have another taste and it makes your heart and body relaxed. The cheese on the Pizza makes your muscle relax and that taste is amazing. We have several numbers of topins which we can on our taste and mood. Everyone has there own choices and Pizza can be prepared in every taste of an individual to an individual.

Different pizza restaurants in Hisar and parlors have different tastes and prices. So, here we will talk about the best pizza in Hisar based on the customer’s reviews, their taste, services, and something more.

So, Hisar Fever comes up with a list of 5 best Pizza Restaurants in Hisar.

5 Best Pizza Restaurant In Hisar

1. Prime Pizza

Prime Pizza is the most lovable pizza restaurant in Hisar. Many of the customers love the taste of Prime Pizza. It has a very reasonable price of their pizza and comes up with several offers which makes their customers attractive. Many customers love their taste and prices of their pizza. They offer several kinds of topins which makes their customer
more satisfied while having their slices.

They offer several sizes of pizza like small, medium, large, and very large. They came with several offers for their customers which makes a reason for their customers to stick with them. They also offer a sandwich, bread, pasta, calzones. They only have veg pizzas which make their restaurant suitable for many families.
Address – Shop No. 53-54, Indian Bank Dabra Chowk, Sector 13, Hisar
Phone – 08398844200
Opening Hour -10: 00 AM – 10: 00 PM

2. Domino’s Pizza

We all heard domino’s name in our life and most of us already tasted domino’s pizza. They have a very large community with a large number of branches all over the world. They have a large number of customer base and all this is built by a great taste, services at a reasonable price. They have an amazing taste and unique flavor in their pizza with so many topins. They have their branches all over the world so that you can have their taste in every corner of the country. Domino’s have also provided their services in Hisar. They have their Pizza Restaurant in Hisar.

In several countries, they offer their services with an amazing taste and most of the people in Hisar love the taste of Dominoes. They have a managed service so that their customer doesn’t have to bother for anything. They maintain cleanliness and hygiene in their restaurant. They also offer home delivery to their nearby localities.
Address – SCO 47, Ground Floor, Urban Estate sector cue 2, near Andhra Bank, Jindal Chowk, Hisar
Phone – 18602100000
Opening HOurs – 10 : 00 AM – 11 : 00 PM

3. Vik’s Pizza Zone Hisar

vik's pizza restaurant in hisar

Vik’s pizza zone is having a different taste from other pizza restaurants in Hisar and most of the people in Hisar love their taste. They have very reasonable prices for their pizza which makes it suitable for most of the families to visit there and taste their taste. They have very humble staff and listen to you very calmly so that they can offer you what you love.

They also have fast services so that their customers don’t have to wait and can get their delicious pizza soon. They also deliver online services to their nearby areas. They have several varieties which you should taste.
Most of the people have good words about this restaurant in Hisar.
Address – DSS 166, opposite to Lazeez Hotel, Old courts commercial complex, Lajpat Nagar Hisar
Phone – 08050035180
Opening Hours – 10: 00 AM – 10: 00 PM

4. Pizza Wings

pizza wings hisar

Pizza Wings is a pizza restaurant in Hisar where we can have delicious and low-cost pizzas. They bring us different topins which makes our pizza more delicious according to our taste. The locality of pizza wings is amazing where you can lead from every corner of the city. They have low prices for their pizza so that everyone can afford and taste pizza wings pizza.
They have a good atmosphere in the restaurant so that you can enjoy your pizza. The cleanliness and hygiene are focused in this restaurant. They offer several types of pizzas in the veg. Small, large, medium, very large-sized pizza. They also offer home delivery in a nearby area. They bring several offers to their customers.
Address – SCO 99 police line area, Hisar
Phone – 08950989507
Opening Hours – 10: 00 AM – 10: 00 PM every day

5. Tipsy Tomato Pizza

tipsy tomato pizza

The Tipsy Tomato Pizza has a large variety of pizza offerings in Hisar. They have several types of Topins. that would be loved by their customers. They offer small, medium, large, and very large sizes of pizzas. They have a hygienic atmosphere which would be loved by the customers. They have a good customer base in Hisar who loves the taste of
Tipsy Tomato Pizza and recommend them. They have an atmosphere with effective lightning and low music which makes the atmosphere suitable to have your cravings.
Address – Shop No 4 Rama Complex, Parijat Chowk, Hisar
Opening Hours – 09: 00 AM – 10: 00 PM

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