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5 Best Sports Academy in Hisar

Best Sports Academy In Hisar, As we all know that Haryana is the State always known for producing excellent athletes, wrestlers, players in different sports, all over the world. And In Indian Defense Services it always has a great contribution in providing most brave-hearted Soldiers in all kinds of defense services. There is a good proportion of Soldiers from Haryana serving and always ready to die in different defense services. In this contribution from Haryana, a good number of contributors are provided by Hisar city, and that what makes Hisar city stand apart in Haryana. With good nutrition and good guidance of experienced coaches in several academies of Hisar makes it possible.

Benefits of Sports Academy

There are some good reasons which make you join the Sports Academy. By, joining a Sports Academy it makes you maintain good health and stay healthy by making you burn more calories. It boosts your self-esteem and enhances your Leadership skills, there is no better way to build your leadership skills then improving them by leading a sports team here, you have the responsibility and you mean it. It makes you Emotionally as well as Physically Strong. It enhances discipline, teamwork, and cooperation skills in you. It develops a successful mindset with better patience and perseverance. So, Hisar Fever has compiled a list of Top 5 Best Sports Academy in Hisar.

5 Best Sports Academy in Hisar

1. Milkha Singh Sports Academy Hisar

Milkha singh sports academy

As per the sources from the common public, the Milkha Singh Sports and Defense Academy is an Academy with a good track record of producing soldiers in Indian Defense Services. They provide good mentorship to the aspirants who are focused to make their career in Defence and sports by providing them proper guidance and mentorship. They have good and experienced coaches and mentors who had a good experience in their professions. It makes the aspirants get their goals and let them serve the nation.

Milkha Singh Sports and Defence Academy make the right use of aspirant’s energy and leads them to get their goals. They have a good track record of providing defense and sports aspirants in different services. They provide coaching for all defense services preparations Army, Navy, Air Force, Athletes, Wrestler, etc. You can check complete details about them.

Address – Azad Nager Hisar, 125001

Call Them – 086838 86837

2. Sophia Sports Academy.

sophia academy 1

We all are familiar with the achievements of Pathan Brothers and there is nothing better than that Pathan Brothers took an initiative to make and provide good mentorship to the cricket aspirants. This Academy has a primary focus on creating some cricket stars from Hisar and provide a platform to get someplace in cricket fields to the deserving once. Cricket is one of the most lovable games in our country and I think there is no need to tell you all about that so, we directly talk about the perspectives of this Sports Academy in Hisar.

They will be redefined and set standards for coaching and development of Cricket in Hisar. They have a specially designed curriculum, inspiring and positive environment, highly skilled and professional faculty and Coaches, Special batches for Girls and Hostel, and Transport facility. If you are a Cricket aspirant you should think about it.

Address – Kaimari Rd near Pranami Ashram Hisar

Call Them – 082219 74822

3. Mirchpur Shaheed Bhagat Singh Sports Academy

Hisar sports academy

This Academy focuses on Wrestling and Kabbadi games, they have a good track record in Kabbadi and Wrestling. There are some special features which make them different from other sports academy in Hisar. They have an indoor MAT ground for wrestling and Kabbdi, 4 acres of open ground for wrestling, Kabbadi, and other sports activities.

They have Qualified, dedicated, experienced and specially trained coaches, time to time national-level wrestling and kabbadi championships, sauna bath, steam bath, ice bath, special multi-gym facility. The overall has an excellent atmosphere required for a sports academy in Hisar.

Address – Hisar, Haryana

Call Them – 070154 41856

4. Spartan Sports Academy

Spartan Sports Academy is a fitness dedicated sports academy in Hisar that took a great initiative to make Hisar Fit. They have some good facilities and expertise in some areas which makes them the best fitness centers. They provide overall fitness for the aspirants who are thinking or planning of some kind of physical changes to their physique. They not only focus on Fitness they also focus on the overall personality growth of every individual.

Address –  Indus Public School, Sector 16, 125005

Call Them – 074047 73001

5. Vikash Defence and Sports Academy

Vikash Sports Academy

The Vikash Sports Academy in Hisar has a special initiative While encouraging a spirit of initiative, independence, and self-reliance, a value-based undercurrent is maintained in keeping with the vision, mission, and values of the school. The general environment of the school is woven round the age-old reverence for the teachers, elders, a spirit of tolerance, and love for the motherland.

They ensure that ensures that sports enthusiasts become enlightened learners, develop positive skills and attitudes, and become confident personalities.

Address – 14KM Stone, Near Gurukul, Dhiranwas, Balsamand Raod, 125001

Call Them – 9992702222

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