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Top 5 Best Bars in Hisar for a Great Nightlife

Best Bars in Hisar, Liquor, and alcohol are the most delightful drinks of all time. As a person become adult one has always tried it at least once in a lifetime, but some drink it a lot and make it a habit which in turn can lead to massive destruction to their health.

It is meant that alcohol was accidentally invited around 9000 years ago. It is made with the fermentation of fruits in sunlight and shadow kept for a long time.

A bar is a legal place where people can drink alcohol and other beverages. There are different types of bars that are also attached to party halls. Some of the hotels also provide bar services to attract pubic and entertain them. Some of the bars are connected with food and restaurants.

5 Best Bars in Hisar

1. Royal Bar and Restaurant

Royal Bar hisar

it is one of the Best Bars in Hisar. As you enter in Royal Bar you will feel the intensity of the environment. Blue and red colors give the killer a lightening effect in this bar. The bar counter itself is so attractive of, once you visit here will definitely get addicted to this place.

Royal Bar not only provides liquor or beverage but also serves many of the food items like Chinese soup, noodles, chowmein, and vegetarian fried rice. They are also famous for spicy gravy Manchurian which is mostly served with chilled beer.


If you are non-vegetarian then you should definitely visit the Royal Bar, because they provide services for both veg and non-veg of different tastes of people. As they offer a combination of egg and chicken food items.

This is not enough from Royal Bar they also include services like hotel rooms, a well-managed party area, banquet hall for getting together and public gathering. The royal bar is the best bar in Hisar.

This bar is famous for its genuine quality edibles and beverages. They provide excellent quality with a professional attitude in their work. The workers are trained and hold many years of experience.

One should definitely visit the Royal Bar and restaurant.

Location – DSS 60-61, Kamari Road, Sector 15A, Hisar.

Contact them – + 91 92543 – 10307

2. Jannat Bar

Jannat Bar hisar

This bar is a decent place to have drinks and enjoy with friends. Alcohol lovers often visit this place regularly. This place is heaven for enjoying people as the name describes the Jannat bar. If you feel tired throughout the day and wanted to take some rest, you must visit this place. This bar can help you get rid of worries and tensions. As this bar will calms and cool down your mind.

They not only serve liquor but also offer some other starters and snacks. The combination of food given in the bar is very delicious.

Bartenders of Jannat Bar serve drinks very nicely and their behavior is calm.

Location – PLA, near shopping complex, Hisar

Contact them – + 91 78198 – 43824

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3. Aroma Bar

Aroma Bar Hisar

Basically known as Hotel Aroma and famous for serving beer and whiskey. Most of the people basically visit here for chilling out especially with friends. Spending good and quality time in the Aroma Bar can be very delightful. Most of the people visit here for parties and get together. You can enjoy drinking available with peanuts and crispy potato chips and other food. The best part is they offer Indian spicy chutney along with vinegar onion which is very delicious. If you are finding some pleasant place to enjoy, you must visit the Aroma Bar in Hisar.


Location – SCO 9, Pocket A, Sector 14, Hisar

Contact them – + 91 82951 – 18073

4. Rock Bar

Rock Bar Hisar

Another one of the Best Bars in Hisar. This is the quality place for people who want to enjoy and they can get good and hygienic services. The staff of the city bar is having an amazing lighting facility. All categories and different types of alcohol, beverages, and drinks are available. You can feel absolutely good atmosphere in the city bar. The special quality of salad is very served which is comparable all over Hisar and finding this kind of service is very rare. Positive reviews are given by the public who visit here they feel special.

Location – S.C.O – 11, HousingBoard Colony, Hisar

Contact them – + 91 89500 – 00813

5. Lido Bar

This bar is the best place made for couples and friends to hangout. Food serviced here is very delicious and beverages are given of extreme quality.

Lido Bar offers many different dishes like corn soup, egg, onion, and other cheese – paneer items are very good in taste. Special Chicken soup added with corn balls gives better flavor when served with salad. You can also try out some of the snacks like sandwiches. A variety of juices, tea, and coffee are also available. The liquor section is full of a variety such as Scotch, whiskey, Premium beers, rum, and vodka which include Indian as well as international brands.

Not only that lido bar is also attached to a sweets shop for those who provide all types of traditional Indian sweets (mithai). As you enter this bar you will feel that this area contains enough space for sitting and can be relaxed to visit this place.

Lido bar is a combination of sweet and sour If you love going to bars this place is definitely made for you.
If we talk about quality Lido Bar it is all about the next level of servicing which they provide in the form of food and alcohol all these Features makes it one of the Best Bars in Hisar

Location – Near Bus Stand, Nagori Gate – Hisar, Haryana 125001

Contact them – + 91 94160 – 52000

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