In today’s world, there is hardly any person who had never had to visit a dentist. Moreover, Dentists recommends a frequent visit to the nearest dental clinic every 6 months to people living in this generation of fast food and unhealthy lifestyles. So before we move further and enlist the best dentist in Hisar / the best dental clinic in Hisar, let’s first understand why we need them.

Every one of us, in some part of our life, has been in extreme discomfort due to our oral health. From minor toothache to deadly diseases like mouth cancer, every cure is available with our dentists. Our teeth are an important part of our life. Good oral health boosts confidence and so does a whiter shade of teeth. From treating decayed teeth to performing cosmetic surgeries for the upliftment of good looks, a dentist knows it all. In this article, we mentioned a list of the 5 best dentist in Hisar according to patient’s reviews. This will help people of Hisar make a better choice when it comes to visiting a dentist.

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1. Dr. Sachin Mittal

best dentist in hisar

Owner of the popular dental clinic- Dr. Sachin Mittal’s Advanced dentistry, he is the most renowned and one of the best Dentist in Hisar. Dr. Sachin Mittal’s clinic is considered one of the best dental clinic in Hisar. He has experience of 16 years and all the members of his team have a high reputation for being welcoming and warm toward their patients.

The clinic has all the modern, advanced dental pieces of equipment. Dr. Sachin Mittal is popular for being among the first half of dentists to bring a digital future in Dentistry. He follows every safety protocols and maintains proper hygiene in his clinic. A consultation fee of â‚ą200 is charged from all patients visiting Dr.Mittal.

Contact Details- 09812468881

Location- 6, 46, Delhi Road, opp. Saini Sweets, Model Town, Hisar-125001


dental clinic in hisar

Operated and administrated by Dr. Premdeep Gandhi and Dr. Shikha Gandhi, Gandhi clinic is one of the top-most dental clinic in Hisar. Several services such as prosthetics, relief from tooth pain, periodontal disease cure, etc are provided. Both Dr. Premdeep and Dr. Shikha have 11 years of experience in the field of dentistry. The two main dentists are incomparable and among the finest dentist in Hisar.

The clinic is equipped with all modern dental- equipment, which is kept under high- maintenance. Almost all people who went to this clinic have satisfactory results and have recommended this dental clinic online. The doctors as well as the staffs are well-mannered and handle patients with care. Dr. Gandhi takes great care of his patients and deals with them patiently.

Location- 171-S, Model Town, Hisar-125005
Call- 91-99966 27953

3. Dr. Tarun’s Star Dental clinic

Acknowledged as one of the finest and most efficient dental clinic in Hisar, Dr. Tarun’s Star Dental Clinic is owned by Dr. Tarun Kalra and Dr. Shweta Kalra. With an experience of over a decade, Dr. Tarun is committed to providing world-class dental treatment. His field of expertise includes RCT, Teeth Jewellery, orthodontic treatments, Dental implant fixing, crowns, gum surgeries, etc. The clinic is well-maintained and clean.

Dr. Tarun is a very professional dentist and is also considered one of the leading dentist in Hisar. He charges a very reasonable and nominal rate for his service and treats his patients with utmost care. He has exceptional surgical skills and has great reviews about him and clinic, online. Dr. Tarun has a very pleasant personality and all his patients have something good to say about their visit to his clinic.

Location- DSS 37, Old Court Complex, Near Khalsa Petrol Pump. Fawara Chowk, Hisar-125001
Call- 098966 95691

4. Dr. Vikas Puri

Running and administering the clinic named Puri dental Clinic, Dr. Vikas Puri has been reviewed as one of the most skilled and patient dentist in Hisar. Dr. Vikas Puri has experience of over 20 years in the field of dentistry. He explains the pros and cons of every treatment and procedure in detail to his patients to help them make a proper decision. This particular trait of his, made us include his name in the second position in our list of the best dentist in Hisar.

The clinic is particularly known for being very clean and hygienic, making it one of the finest dental clinic in Hisar. Patients are even required to remove their shoes outside to maintain sanitation. His clinic remains closed on Sundays and can be visited only after making an appointment with him.
Contact Details:

Landline- 9101662244990

Mobile- 919416041990

Location- Puri Dental Care Centre, Prem Nagar, Hisar-125001

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5. Dr. Atul Girdhar

dental clinic in Hisar

Girdhar Dental Clinic is the Clinic of the reputed dentist Dr. Atul Girdhar. He has 24 years of experience as a dentist and specializes in the fields of Crowns and Bridges Fixing, Artificial Teeth, BPS Dentures Fixing, and Cosmetic/Aesthetic Dentistry. The doctor is well-claimed for being friendly and nice to his patients.

Girdhar is a disciple of punctuality and never makes his patients wait. His clinic is hygienic and clean, and all he maintains all his equipment well. He sanitizes every equipment after every use. He is undoubtedly one of the finest dentist in Hisar in terms of skills and clinic’s cleanliness. Dr. Atul Girdhar charges â‚ą200 as a visit charge.

Contact details of his clinic- 911140787309

Location- Urban estate 2, Hisar

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