A baby’s birth is a very emotional moment for every woman. With a new-born baby on board, the load of responsibility doubles up. It is very important to not leave out any cards unturned in taking care of the child. The care of a new-born baby begins even before its conception. Before we enlist the top five best gynecologist in Hisar, let’s first understand why do we need them.

A gynecologist is a trained doctor with a specialization in the field of women’s reproductive health. To ensure the healthy development of the mother and the fetus, women need additional healthcare during Pregnancy. A gynecologist takes full care of the mother’s warmth, monitors the various standards and issues related to pregnancy, childbirth, abortion, and any infection or issue arising in/from the reproductive tract.

Therefore, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist regularly to eradicate any issues and difficulties that may arise. Only experienced gynecologists can understand various issues that may arise during pregnancy. Below is the list of five of top gynecologist in Hisar.

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1. Dr. Ritu Agarwal

gynecologist in Hisar

Considered as one of the best gynecologist in Hisar, she is the lady behind the successful operation of the Vishal Hospital and Maternity Center. It is under her duty and expertise that the hospital gained so much name and fame.

The modern equipment available for treatment in the hospital supports better and low-risk treatment. The centre is very spacious and has separate spaces for consultation and a waiting room for patients.

Qualification- M.B.B.S and D.G.O. from Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, AMU, Aligarh
Experience- She has been serving as a gynaecologist for over 10+ years.
Location- Vishal Hospital and Maternity Center, Model Town, Hisar-125001
Contact no. — 92538-43766
Email- dr_rituagarwal@rediffmail.com

2. Dr. Ranjana Sharda

One of the most recommended lady doctors, Dr.Ranjana Sharda is also the proud director of the Sharda Hospital. She is a renowned gynecologist in Hisar, and is known for carefully handling each of her patients. Her achievements make us include her name in the second spot in our list of top 5 best gynecologist in Hisar.

Dr. Sharda provides complete care and required treatments to her patients and has all modern equipment installed at her hospital. She is an expert in her field and helps fellow women understand the root of the problem they are facing. She even counsels her patients to live a stress-free life.

Location- Sharda Hospital, Model Town, Hisar-125001
Contact no. — 96713-08666
Email- ranjanashardahsr@yahoomail.com

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3. Dr. Meenakshi Goyal

A lady with exceptional skills, she is among the finest gynecologist in Hisar. The soaring high success rate of her surgeries makes her trustworthy and an expert in her field. Renowned for being a laparoscopic surgeon and performing laparoscopic surgeries, she is the only female laparo- surgeon in Hisar.

With a keen interest in the field- Hysteroscopy, she trained herself in one of the top medical colleges- Maulana Azad Medical College. She has attended several conferences and workshops and has also worked at Lok Narayan Hospital, Delhi.

Qualification- M.B.B.S. from SMS Medical College followed by Post Graduation in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Maulana Azad Medical College.
Experience- 14+ years of medical experience
Location- 262, Model Town, Near ND Gupta Hospital, Hisar, Haryana
Contact no. — 91527-38956

4. Dr. Punita Dhingra

One of the most knowledgeable doctor of Hisar, Dr. Punita Dhingra has received several awards in both National and International conferences. Her vast knowledge of her field helps her to perform surgeries at a high success rate.

At present, she is the proud director at Sarthak fertility and IVF Centre. She uses all modern- scientific techniques to treat her patients and is undoubtedly the best gynecologist in Hisar.

Qualification- M.B.B.S. from Lady Hardinge Medical College
M.D. from Lady Hardinge Medical College
Super specialization in the fields of Reproductive Medicines and IVF from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.
Experience- She has experience of 15 years.
Location- Sapra Hospital, Sec-15A, near Court Complex, Rajgarh Road, Hisar
Contact no. — 98960-15883
Email- saprahospital@gmail.com

5. Dr. Preeti Jain

Known for her professionalism and genuine advice, she serves at Gobind Nursing and IVF Centre. She is an Infertility and Laparoscopy Specialist and has been reviewed as one of the most polite and caring doctors. She deals with her patients very patiently and presents a very humble atmosphere. Her immense knowledge and caring nature have earned her name in our list of the best gynecologist in Hisar.

Qualification- M.S.M.B.B.S.
Experience- She has been practising for over 8 years now.
Location- Gobind Nursing Home, Matka Chowk, Hisar-125001
Contact no. — 9813347766
Email- gobindnursinghome@gmail.com

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