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5 Best Hair Salons in Hisar

Best Hair Salons in Hisar, Every individual has the right to be attractive and beautiful. Beauty encourages charm and brings confidence in your personality and body language. The human body if maintained well can allure anyone from a beauty point of view, and to do so most of us like to visit beauty centers and hair salons. Most of the public think beauty means make-up but it’s not only about the makeover, but the center of attraction also consists of hairs. It is said that invest in your hairs, it is the crown that you should never take off. Life is not perfect but your hair can be.

As soon as time passes, it brings more and more modernization in the industry of hair salon and beauty parlors, not only for women but men as well. Firstly the royals of England used to visit Hair salon for decoration and hairstyling but later on it become trendy and fashionable. Nowadays there are more than 90% of people who visit a hair salon for their beauty and hairstyling. So Hisar Hisar Fever have compiled a list of 5 Best Hair Salons in Hisar

5 Best Hair salon in Hisar.

1.Fusion unisex hair salon

As per the sources from the common public, this salon is known as on of the best hair salons in Hisar till date, Fusion unisex hair salon is not only famous for his unique name but for the services they provide with giving their full efforts in work. Their main focus is on making their client happy and satisfied. If we say, where I can get my hairstyle done, the answer is Fusion salon in Hisar city. This salon is one of the most famous and prestigious hair salons found in Hisar city. The best part of this salon is that they provide hair styling and makeover services for both ladies and gents. You can get many services like hair cut, bridal make – up, golden and platinum facials and also the much needed or trending D – tan mask (it removes all of the tiny unhealthy dust particles from the face and makes it neat and clean).

The interior of this place is attractive as it suits all types of customers, the theme and posture inside looks very great that it feels pretty well.

Address –Β  SCO – 90 – 91, Hisar – Delhi bypass road, PLA market shopping complex, Hisar

Call them – + 91 99926 – 96336

2. Advance Cut unisex salon and beauty parlor

All the services of the Advance Cut unisex salon are of fine truly remarkable. The staff is cooperative and talented. Mr. Sardana, the owner of this salon always keeps on upgrading their equipment according to fashionable trends as per the coming demand in the market.

Their team consists of very talented hairstylists and makeup artists ever in Hisar. They not only provide styling services but also sell many of the products such as shampoo-conditioner, face washes, beard oil of famous brands like Ustra, beardo and other items such as facial masks. We would always love to recommend Advance Cut unisex salon for the common public of Hisar to visit here. If you are looking for beauty and hairstyling service then you easily can get all the benefits under one roof. A separate section of men and women

Address – Shop No. 103,1st Floor, PLA Market, near pizza wings, Hisar.

Call them – + 91 99966 – 30605

3. Lovely hair salon

If you know are old enough and remember well about the time of the late ’90s in Hisar, you should remember and might be visited Lovely hair salon with your friends. This is the only hair salon that started first-ever professional hair styling in Hisar. The head washes before or after is with a good quality of shampoo which allows your hair to shine well. The trend that Lovely hair salon started after the hair cut, blow-drying the hair and then applying the wax on hair makes you look impressive and your hair stays set for a long period of time.

Pre bridal make-up, nail art, hair coloring and sharing beauty tips for both male and female, are all the services offered by Lovely hair salon. The Lovely hair salon is a one-stop beauty treatment solution such as hair spa, rebounding, bleach, face clean – up and many types of a makeover.

Address – 12- N, Ram Samarpan Heritage Gurudwara Road, Model Town, Hisar.

Call them – + 91 98968 – 51500

Email – lovelysalon@gmail.com

4. Epic unisex salon and bridal makeup studio

This is an awesome Epic unisex salon that includes fabulous work done by their team members. By using their services we can say Epic unisex salon provides their best what they are into these services for a long period of time and we definitely can say they are experts. They have lots of experience of many years and serving their customers in the field of hairstyling and make – up. We always recommend Epic unisex salon and bridal makeup studio; do visit if you are in Hisar and if you want to experience the best expert and professional salon in Hisar.

Address – SCO-94, PLA market, Shopping complex, First floor, Hisar

Call them – + 91 98130 – 74682

5. Bo Bella Salon

The main focus of this salon is on ladies’ hairstyling and make – up. Bo Bella hair salon in Hisar started their journey at a very simple level but now they stood up as one of the most leading brands of Hisar. They are specialized in the event and exclusive bridal makeover. They also give home-based make – up services on special and appropriate occasional such as marriages, parties, for photoshoots and other functions as per the demand of the customer.

Address – 680 / 13 Laxmi market, Raj guru Market, Hisar

Call them – + 91 70152 – 93005

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