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List of 10 Best Schools in Bhiwani with Admission Details

Best Schools in Bhiwani, Education in this era plays an important role in building a character and personality of a student, therefore it is very important to choose the best institution which helps the students to grow not only mentally but also grows physically, ethically and socially.

Education is not the only way to develop a sound mind, but various Co-curricular activities and environments help a person to develop his personality and attitude towards the day to day activities.
Therefore choosing a good school is a very important decision that parents and the students have to make.
To choose the best institution available in the city, we prepared a list of the best available institutions based on various parameters like Faculty, Facilities, Environment, Curricular activities, and Academic Results, in the city of Bhiwani

10 Best Schools in Bhiwani

1. The Aryan School, Bhiwani

Aryan school Bhiwani

The Aryan School, one of the most popular schools of Hisar, has now opened its branch in Bhiwani with more efficient infrastructure and more effective curriculum with a blend of experienced faculty and top-class facilities which will help a student to grow in all the areas of education as well as personality development.

The Aryan school provides with the 100% centrally air-conditioned school with a very big campus including indoor swimming pool, a well-stocked library, fully equipped science and computer labs, multi-media smart classrooms, skating rink, basketball courts, vast playgrounds, and healthy and hygienic Ethology.

Aryan school is having a tie-up with the University of Cambridge U.K. It also teaches foreign languages like French and English. This institution organizes national and international trips to give global exposure to students.
This institution has very experienced faculties and a very healthy curriculum which helps the students to upgrade their personality.

Contact Details
7th K.M. Stone, Loharu Road, Devsar, Bhiwani
Call – 765077771
Email – bhiwani@aryanschool.org

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2. Halwasiya Vidya Vihar Senior Secondary School

Halwasiya school Bhiwani

Halwasiya Vidya Vihar School is situated at Rohtak Gate, Bhiwani. With a very vast school campus and very impressive infrastructure, Halwasiya school provides with the top-level education and facilities to the students.
Smart classrooms, vast playgrounds, basketball court, tennis court, skating facilities, well-stocked libraries, etc are the key features of the school.

Faculties here believe in modern educational Practices and emphasis on learning than the mere mugging up.
It involves multidimensional learning covering academics as well as various activities. It is a co-educational and well-established institute, founded by ‚ÄúMr.N.S. Rawal‚ÄĚ.

The school has built up many successful scholars and is having a very impressive academic result record. The best part of the school is its homely environment, friendly and polite staff, and state-of-art infrastructure.

Contact Details
Rohtak Gate, Bhiwani

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3. St. Xavier’s High School, Bhiwani

St Xavier school Bhiwani

St. Xavier’s High School is surely one of the schools that every student in the city of Bhiwani looks up to.
This institution prioritizes the holistic development of a student through a unique way of activities based learning in an interactive environment.

St. Xavier holds excellent academic results in past years which is very commendable. The school is divided into 3 wings which are senior, middle and junior wings respectively which helps the students to sustain in a favorable environment with the same age group of students.

Educational tours, health awareness, student exchange programs, highly qualified teachers, knowledge center and various cultural and sports activities are some of the unique facilities provided by this institution as compared to other schools.

Regular seminars are conducted to keep the students globally updated. This institution is truly one of the best choices from the existing schools in this city.

Contact Details
Rohtak Road, Bhiwani
Call – 8685012121
Email – principal@stxavierbhiwani.in

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4. Vaish Model Senior Secondary School, Bhiwani


Vaish model school is one of the oldest and one of the most trustworthy schools of Bhiwani, with excellent academic results and various achievements in co-curricular activities at inter-state as well as national level, Vaish model school is one of the most trustworthy and best schools in Bhiwani.

Highly qualified and experienced staff, the latest laboratories, classrooms, up to date library and sports fields are some of the facilities that the school emphasis on. In Vaish Model School, learning extends beyond the classrooms as various activities are held regularly and students are encouraged to participate in various competitions.

This institution believes in the overall personality development of a student and just not academic development.
Academically, this institution always had an excellent record.

Contact Details
Loharu Road, Bhiwani
Email – vmsbhiwani@gmail.com
Call – 7056754742

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5. Delhi World Public School, Bhiwani

Delhi Worl School Bhiwani

Delhi world public school with a big 16acres Environmental friendly campus is one of the best schools in Bhiwani, within 10 years of its existence, this institution has given many successful doctors, engineers, and academic scholars.
Delhi world public school provides all the basic as well as world-class facilities to the students.

This institution is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Its soul-soothing campus provides peace to mind at every visit, which is very helpful for the students to be motivated and have a fresh mind.
The main concentration of this institution is on the safety of students as well as the academic curriculum.

Digital classrooms, fully equipped laboratories, central library with latest books, art, music and dance rooms, big playgrounds, basketball court, volleyball court, the skating court are very impressively managed.
DWPS aims at overall excellence and development.

Contact Details 
Devsar Mor, Loharu Road, Bhiwani
Call – 8685800161
Email – dps_bhiwani@hotmail.com

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6. – Zee litra valley school

Zee litra valley school is one of the branches of the Zee franchise offering the best possible education to its students for several years. This school is affiliated to CBSE and has a curriculum with a mixture of Co-curricular activities and academics.

Zee litra valley has maintained commendable academic records in the past few years. The girl’s and boy ratio is quite good which makes the environment of the institution very safe and comfortable for all the students and students get along with each other very well. Faculties motivate students for interactive activities so that the confidence of students is developed and they do well in extra-curricular activities.

Laboratories are equipped with the latest tools and technologies so that students are assisted accordingly and become experts in practical aspects of education.

The campus of this institution is spread over 8700 sq meters. which makes it one of the biggest schools in Bhiwani city. Students have ample space to play and do various physical activities and sports.

Contact Details
6.6 K.M. Hansi Road, Bhiwani
Call – 9215499904
Email – zeeschool.bwn@gmail.com

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7. KM School Bhiwani

K. M public school, Bhiwani is one of the oldest and most respected institutions situated in the heart of the city.
This school is best known for its efficient faculties providing with their intelligence services.

The school is divided into a junior wing, middle wing, and senior wing, to maintain decorum and conduct various activities efficiently and without disturbing other students. With academic emphasis, the institution also aims towards the overall development of students and conducts various activities from time to time.

It is one of the best choices as the emphasis on discipline and punctuality is given by the school authorities and a student needs to have these qualities in their life.

Contact Details
Hansi Road, Bhiwani
Call – 01664-241268
Email – Principal.kms@gmail.com

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8.  Bhiwani Public school

Last but not the least, Bhiwani public school comes in the list of Best schools in Bhiwani City.  This institution is running from around 40years in the city. It has given many scholars and achievers to the city. It is very well known for the experience of the faculties which plays a vital role in the development of the students.

Alumni of the school are waving the flag of this institution in all the fields of life. This institution is one of the leaders in the academic results of the city. Despite 40years of services, this institution still offers with the latest equipment in the laboratories and latest technologies in classrooms, this shows that the school believes in giving the quality education to its students and always keep up with the technological advancements.

Bhiwani public school conducts various activities at regular intervals so that students are motivated not only in academics but also in life skill development activities.

Contact Details
Sector 14, Bhiwani
Call- 7056020202
Email – info@bpsbhiwani.in

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9.  US international school

US International school, is one of the leading English medium institutions of Bhiwani, offering world-class infrastructure and environment to the students for steady growth in life. A beautiful building is one of the eye-catching features of this school and the classes are made with the latest technology and according to the modern education curriculum.

The locality where the school is situated is very peaceful helping students to concentrate on academics.
Teachers are highly qualified and have good teaching experience and know-how to handle students and motivate them for a better future.

It also has a big lush green playground fulfilling the essentials for physical activities for students.
This school has all the essential facilities that are important for an academic scholar.
And this makes it one of the most looked up a school in the city.

Contact Details
7 KM, Meham Road, Bhiwani
Call – 98802240000

10.  SED School Bhiwani

S.E.D Sr. Sec. School Bhiwani, is one of the best schools in Bhiwani that is nourishing the little buds of the city with regular activities. This institution believes in developing life skills and confidence among its students.
It provides day boarding facilities and is very much particular about giving various opportunities to students to outshine themselves.

The faculty of the institution is very friendly and caring towards the students and makes them comfortable enough to ask their doubts and quarries.

This institution conducts tons of informative sessions for the students such as meditation, Environmental awareness, societal awareness. They celebrate all the festivals and promote the children towards brotherhood and respect for every religion.

Contact Details
Dhani Shankar, Bhiwani
Call – 9728792222
Email – Sedcbseds@gmail.com

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