There’s nothing on Earth that is more refreshing than sipping a cup of delicious and heavenly coffee at a good cafe. If you look around Hisar, you would find a number of cafe in Hisar, that serves coffee at an affordable range. However, a tired soul desires a heavenly coffee at a heavenly cafe. It is highly believed that the ambience of a coffee shop has a lot to do than just attracting customers. A good ambience enhances the taste of the coffee you are sipping too.

cafe in hisar

Coffees are meant for refreshment, for relieving the tired soul. Simply getting a coffee from just any shop does not have the same effect as having a coffee from some refreshing, quiet cafe does. You should be able to relax and sit back freely while enjoying your drink. To help you in finding out the best cafe in Hisar, we have presented below, a list of 4 of the best affordable cafe in Hisar. Hope you enjoy reading our content.

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One of the finest cafe in Hisar, the soul of the place lies in its ambience. Work stations are installed at every seating area, to give people the freedom to do their work, while sitting back and enjoying their coffee. There are a different variety of coffees to choose from, and all coffees are made and served as per the direction of the customer placing the order. There are a number of food menus too, to accompany your coffee. All their drinks and food menus comes at an affordable price.

Their speciality lies in making the coffee called the hazelnut cappuccino. It’s simply delicious and have received huge praise in online reviews. The staffs are excellent and always makes sure that their customers are comfortable and enjoying their stay at the place. Coffee Nation, even have a small spot where a collection of a number of books are kept. It is also their own little library, meant for people to freely use and read them while they enjoy their coffee. People visiting Coffee Nation have highly praised the place for its wonderful ambience.

If you are looking for a place for getting a good cup of coffee or looking for a place to sit back and relax alone, or with friends, Coffee Nation should be your destination.

LOCATION- Shop no. 99, First Floor, SCO 99, Sirsa Rd, Above pizza Wings, PLA, Hisar, Haryana-125001
CALL- 097285 55099

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Big Mugs is another great cafe in Hisar. The cafe has an American theme, and its ambience and great food makes their customer visit the place again and again. The Big Mugs have a high reputation for their pizza and their milk-based drinks makes Big Mugs the best American-styled cafe in Hisar. The interior is decorated very sophisticatedly to match the theme. To keep up with the theme, similar music is played in the background too.

The food menu of this place comes at a little expensive price, but the taste and quality of the food is worth every single money. The cooks never compromises with the quality of the food, and every food is prepared with great authentication. The staffs working there are excellent, and helps maintain a steady pace at the busy place. If you are looking for a great cafe in Hisar to hang out with your group, Big Mugs should be your top priority.

LOCATION- DSS-23, PLA Shopping Complex, behind Indian Petroleum Pump Market, Hisar, Haryana-125001
CALL- 090508 88854


cafe in hisar

Taste Mate Coffee Shop is one of the cutest cafe in Hisar. The small place has been decorated so intimately that it automatically attracts customers from outside. The chef makes each cup of coffee with utter patience for optimal taste. Although there are limited available menus to choose from, each food item has magical essence in it. The sandwiches are delicious and makes people crave for more.

The environment and the ambience of this cafe is wonderful, and promises a great time to its customers. The quality of the food is never compromised with, and there aren’t any customer, who is not satisfied with this wonderful cafe. People have rated this place online as the best cafe in Hisar to have coffee. Each cup is brewed gently and served with love. Taste Mate Coffee Shop is always kept clean and hygienic. If you are looking for a cafe in Hisar that serves coffee and delicacies at an affordable range, then you must visit Taste Mate Coffee Shop.

LOCATION- Alg 1 Basement Pushpa Complex, opposite Universal Mega Store, Urban Estate 2, Hisar, haryana-125005
CALL- 099920 49259

4. BISTRO 57

cafe in hisar

The ambience of Bistro 57 have been specially been designed and created for attracting youngsters into the place. It is undoubtedly one of the best cafe in Hisar, whose environment and great food attracts every age group to come visit the place. The place unlike other cafes in Hisar, do not have much crowd, which helps the place in maintaining a calm and refreshing atmosphere inside. Since, the place has been decorated keeping youngsters as their prime customer, the place has PS4’s installed for people to play there, while their order is getting prepared.

Bistro 57 has a huge menu to choose from. Each food item is made with extreme care and putting the right amount of ingredients for optimal taste. Bistro 57 believes in serving quality food with great taste. Their speciality is their delicious shakes that tastes like heaven. The food and drinks comes at an affordable range. The staffs are great too, who makes sure that you have a pleasant experience at their cafe. If you are looking for a cool place for hanging out, which do not involve a lot of crowds, Bistro 57 is the best cafe in Hisar for that.

LOCATION- DSS-26, First Floor, Market, PLA, Hisar-125001
CALL- 098110 19214


Kalpana Cafe is a regular, old cafe in Hisar, that is infamous for its bread Pakoras. Though, it does not provide high ambience like other big cafe in Hisar, it does have a very clean and hygienic atmosphere. Although they offer a minimum number of snacks in their menu,  they make sure that whatever is ordered is made heavenly delicious. Kalpana Cafe is also renowned for its mango shakes that is available throughout the year.   If you are looking for a place that offers delicious food and drinks at a cheap price, you should go to Kalpana Cafe.

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