There is not a single parent out there who does not wish the best for their child/children, especially when it comes to their health. Like every parent, Hisar- based parents too feel the same need to take their child to the best child specialist in Hisar for treatment. Parents leave no stones unturned whenever they feel their child is suffering. From visiting all the online-claimed best doctors to paying high consultation fees, nothing matters to them when their child is feeling uncomfortable.


child specialist in hisar

Before proceeding to our list of the best child specialist in Hisar, let us first know a little more about pediatricians and what they do. A pediatrician is a doctor with a specialization in the medical conditions of children. In simple words, they are children’s doctors or child specialists. Not all doctors who treat adults, no matter how qualified they are can handle the medical conditions of children. It takes years of hard study and dedication to know and understand what a child is going through or suffering from.

Pediatricians are specially trained to understand children’s behaviours, mental issues and diseases, and ailments they suffer from. It is very important to make your child visit their doctors(pediatrician) frequently for their well-being and good health.

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Below, we have presented the list of some of the best child specialist in Hisar, whose valuable pieces of advice and treatments would make your child, healthiest of all.

1. Dr. Harsh Bhayana

pediatrician in hisar
Harsh Bhayana is considered the best child specialist in Hisar. Under his dedicated work and skills only, the hospital- Sonakshi Children Hospital rose to fame. He has experience of over 12 years. He provides consultation to his patients at his clinic as well as in online mode too.
Furthermore, he is one of the doctors with the highest reputation. All his patients have shared their experiences with him as very pleasant.

Dr. Harsh is extremely knowledgeable in his field. He takes great care of his patients and makes them feel comfortable. He listens to every problem patiently and explains every procedure and solution very carefully.

Location- Sonakshi Children Hospital, Jindal Hospital Road, Model Town, Hisar-125001
Call- 917947114759

2. Dr. Rajesh Gupta

child specialist in hisar

Rajesh Gupta is a renowned child specialist in Hisar, who works in Hisar Children Hospital. His dedication and concern toward children are incomparable. He patiently clarifies all doubts of new parents.

He likes to stay updated on all the new advancements in his field. Dr. Rajesh uses all the latest technologies to provide optimum satisfaction to his patients.

Location- Jat college Road, Rishi Nagar, Hisar-125001
Call- 917947142472

3. Dr. Bharat Kansal

Renowned for being the only Neonatologist in Hisar, he had topped in his MD pediatrics exams. Dr. Bharat has over 5 years of experience and currently, practices at the hospital called- Pradeep Kansal Multispeciality Hospital. He is among the most knowledgeable pediatrician in Hisar and has numerous publications under his name.

His patients have reviewed him as one of the sweetest down-to-earth person who is dedicated to his profession. His immense knowledge in his field makes his treatment methods incomparable.

Location- Inderprastha Colony, Near Bus stand Hisar, Haryana
Call- 919742336747

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4. Dr. Satish Jawa

An exceptional child specialist in Hisar, Dr. Satish Jawa is the owner and administrator of the Jawa Children Hospital. He is a very sensitive doctor and handles his patients with utmost care. Dr. Jawa believes in commitment toward his patients.

He believes in making the immune system strong rather than getting dependent on medicines. Thus, he prescribes only a few necessary drugs that are required. He is a very experienced and senior doctor with excellent skills.

Location- Jawa Children Hospital, Sector-13, Hisar-125001
Call- 917947424449

5. Dr. Veena Gupta

Veena Gupta has established herself as one of the most trustworthy child specialist in Hisar. She has a specialization in the fields of Child growth management, Growth monitoring, Newborn baby care, Child vaccinations, childhood infections, etc. She is currently working at Jindal Institute of Medical Care and Research.

With over nine years of experience, she has received pretty good reviews. She charges a consultation fee of â‚ą 500 and her treatment procedures guarantees result.

Location- C/O Jindal Institute of Medical Sciences, Model Town, Hisar-125001
Call- 917947151817

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