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Hey, Dost Welcome to Hisar Fever Today We Will Explore Devi Bhawan Mandir Hisar. When I hear Temple its sounds to me a combination of purity, Peace, and cultural Ethics. It is believed visiting the temple once a week helps you to improve your concentration and generates a pure sense of hope inside your mind. Even Science has also proved that the Ghanti (temple bell made of copper), which releases magnetic waves and helps to relieve from extra tensions going inside your mind.

So if you are also one who believes in God or want a Peace of mind then Devi Bhawan Temple Hisar situated in the middle of the city can be your first choice

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Environment and Feel

Devi Bhawan Mandir Hisar is a pure sign of spirituality and morality for Hindu goddess Durga Mata. People came here to feel the divine power of goddess Maa Durga. Even I visited many times here, the peace of inner soul I got here is amazing. Especially Morning Aarti, seeing people walking calmly and Serving Prasad all these things again reminds you of old Hindu Culture.

Managed By 

The Devi Bhawan Mandir Hisar is managed By  Shree Krishan Seva Samiti Trust of Hisar, Chief of this Trust is Mr. Anil Bansal and other committee members should also get credit for managing this in systematically and cleaner way.  They organize langar prasad Seva every month herein with a spiritual intention and feed people at large scale. They also quench the thirst by providing them free water supply service for the students of needy schools nearby. The best part is that marriages of necessary girls are done under this Devi Bhawan temple. If you are willing to pay, one can also donate as per their own belief.

Devi Bhawan Mandir Hisar is decorated on the special occasion of Durga Ashtami with flowers and lights. It is a festival of eight days which is celebrated annually with lots of pleasure and Faith. Durga Ashtami is celebrated as the goddess Durga victory over Mahishasur (evil) which was defeated only by the Durga Mata.

Praying here is meant very special because of the divine power of Goddess Kali and Goddess Durga. People worship here is abundant on a daily basis, but especially to work ship here on Saturday is meant very special day. Moving clockwise around the scriptures of Mata Durga is meant as very spiritual.
Meanwhile, in the morning and evening, the pleasant sound of chirping of the birds can be heard. One can also serve them some seeds to birds and pigeons. This temple also acts as a common gathering and assembly for the local public. If you love serving cattle then visiting this place will be a totally benefit for you, because inside Devi Bhawan there are a gaushala (cow shed) cows are kept here for maintenance and safety.


Many of the different ‘avtar’ and small temple of god and goddess are made very nicely inside this place. These all are made at a grand level of appearance. Some of the inside temple are shree shyam baba mandir, Shree Laxmi naraya mandir, shivalya mandir, Shree tirupati balaji mandir, Shree Appurna maa, Shree Ram Darbar, Shree Ganesh jee, Shree maha kali mandir (the bravest goddess of Hindu), Shree Sheetala Mata mandir, Shree Krishan mandir, last but not the least shree bharo naath baba mandir all these are situated inside Devi Bhawan. Shree nav Grah mandir (a special appearance of all the nine planets or grahs mainly knows in Hindi language), according to Hindu mythology these planets had a powerful holding position in the life of people. The part is that there a havan kund placed in center of this temple and used at a special time of worship, if you will see to another side more than 100 of copper bells are hung as a sign of holy spirits.

All these small parts of temples and other temple equipment are kept under the guidance and service of pandit Ji/pujari Ji, who take care of all these activities. They keep on changing clothes of god and goddess from time to time. Not only this, but they also clean all the scriptures and paintings from time to time.

Considerations While Visiting

The rules of this temple are so simple and straight, as per culture of Hindu mythology drinking of alcohol and smoking is not allowed here. Taking the shoes off before going inside the temple is a ritual that one must follow.
Devi Bhawan has power of combining people together, because at the time of morning and evening prayer all are gathered together in front of god. While closing your eyes at the time of honoring the god is also meant very special.
If you live in or near by Hisar, you should definitely come to visit Devi Bhawan Mandir Hisar as this place is amazing. An old and religious place to must visit with your family and friends.

How to Reach

Devi Bhawan TempleHisar is Situated Near FC College, Mohna Mandi, Aggarwal Colony, Hisar.




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