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5 Famous Temples in Hisar

Famous Temples in Hisar, Temples (mandir) have always been a special place in the hearts of the public of the Hindu religion. According to Indian mythology, it is said that god stays in the temple. People often go to worship and pray their god in temples. Praying time in the temple is most probably early morning and in the evening. It is believed that God and Goddess take rest at night and also in the afternoon. People visit a temple in extreme respect and honor to their God. Temples in India symbolize belief in Dharma and their power of religion. Temples have the power to unite people in one place. Most of the people especially Pandit (Brahmans) devote their whole life to worship their god and stays in Temples.

There are many famous and esteem temples around, but today Hisar Fever will tell you the

Top 5 famous temples in Hisar

  1. Agroha Dham

Agroha Dham or Agroha temple is one of the most respectable and prestigious temples in Hisar. It is famous for Hindu Goddess Mahalaxmi, Goddess Saraswati, and Maharaja Agrasen. This temple was made in 1984. It is handled by Agroha Vikas Trust and Aggarwal Samaj which was founded in 1976. Agroha Dham was made in the memory of Hindu King Maharaja Agrasen.

The beauty of this temple lies within. We can also consider it as a tourist place for the visitors. Some of the School and college tours and trips also make their way to Agroha Temple. It is consists of a giant statue of Lord Hanuman Ji and God Shiva. There is a spiritual tunnel cave inside Agroha Temple which describes holy Amarnath, which dedicates Lord Shiv Ji.

People can enjoy some of the parks and rides around this place. You can feel calmness around Shakti Sarovar in the back of the temple.

Agroha Dham is one of the most famous temples in Hisar.

Location – NH 9, Hisar to Sirsa Road.

2. Devi Bhawan

As a name itself describes Devi Bhawan, It is an old historical and spiritual temple of Hisar. People gather here for the worship of goddess Durga and goddess Kali. It is meant that to pray on Saturday is a special day to visit Shri Devi Bhawan Temple. Donating Coconut to Goddess Kali (Kali Matta) is meant very religious which takes all of your unfortunate things and turns into positive vibes.

On the occasion of Janmashtami (birth of Lord Shree Krishan) Devi Bhawan is decorated as Bride. All over lights and religious songs are played which makes this place so mesmerizing. On that particular day, thousands of people visit Devi Bhawan, Hisar. Behind this temple there is fine cowshed (gaushala), to take care of homeless cattle, where people can donate as per their regards if they want.

The best part of the committee members of Devi Bhawan temple is that they help poor girls in getting their marriage done while providing them financial as well as moral support. Also, feed needy people on occasional Holy Indian festivals.

Location – Devi Bhawan Road, Near FC Women College Aggarwal Colony, Hisar.

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3. Kalja Dham

Kalja Dham Mandir is the religious temple of Hanuman Ji known as Shri Ram Bhagat Hanuman Mandir Kalja Dham. It is a very beautiful and spiritual temple situated on the roadside near farming areas. It is spread over and covers a very large area. This Temple is mostly made of Kesari (orange) color that represents God Hanuman. Center attraction of Kajla Dham is Darbar of Hanuman Ji is covered with actual precious Silver. People often go there and present parshad as Sawamani (sweets) to Hanuman Ji. The one who believes in God Hanuman should always read Hanuman Chalisa while visiting in Kajla Dham Temple. Aarti and Pooja are done daily in the evening and morning time. This Holy temple daily organizes food daily as Langar Pradas at the time of Lunch and dinner.

On special days of Tuesday and Saturday, there is a good crowd present inside Kalja Temple. People gather here to receive blessings of Lord Hanuman.

Visiting Kajla Dham will provide inner peace to your mind, body, and soul.

On the occasion of the birthday of Lord Hanuman, Jayanti is celebrated with full of joy and delight. Kajla Temple is decorated with orange and red-colored flags all around. People enjoy and deliver flowers in front of Ram Bhagat Hanuman.

Location – Durjapur Road, Village Kalja, Hisar District.

4. Bishnoi Mandir

People of Bishnoi Samaj worship god Vishnu and treat as Guru Jameshwar Ji as their idol. Bishnoi Samaj was founded by Guru Jameshwar about 500 years ago. This Temple is a special place for the Bishnoi people of the Hindu religion. There is only a few populations of Bishnoi Samaj as compared to others like Punjabi and Jaat in Hisar. Bishnoi Mandir is a big temple in Hisar famous for Hindu and their religious faith in God Guru Jameshwar Ji.

The architectural structure of Bishnoi Mandir is very beautiful and spread over a wide area surrounded by Rajguru Market. A wonderful garden will appear on both sides while entering the main gate of the temple. This place also acts as a common gathering place for public meetings.

Bishnoi Mandir in Hisar provides services for outsiders and allows them to stay with available rooms. Food and Prasad are given to visitors according to their needs.

The committee organizes devotional songs and spiritual shabads about Guru Jameshwar in the temple.

On special events, the people of Bishnoi Samaj are gathered in Bishnoi Mandir temple.

Location – Radha Bazar near Rajguru Market, Hisar.

5. Rani Sati Temple

This temple is famous for its respected Goddess Rani Sati. It is meant that the story of her marriage started at the time of the Epic Mahabharata. She wanted to marry Abhimanyu and Lord Krishna gave her blessing to marry him in the next life. It is said that the husband of Sati was born in Hisar and Sati was born in Rajasthan in their next life.

Rani Sati Temple of Hisar is recognized as one of the best temples in Hisar for its purity and healing power. Visiting this temple is worship to Goddess Rani Sati.

This temple consists of a nice garden beautiful and small pond near, it is believed that taking bath in this holy Sarovar (pond) especially on Wednesday removes all types of skin diseases and allergies while leaving the old cloths of individuals. People came here from far away and many different places to see this beautiful temple in Hisar.

Rani Sati Temple is covered with beautiful paintings and scriptures all over. It is famous for its man-made beauty statues. This temple is an eye-catching place for visitors.

Location – Sector 16-17, Hisar

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