Buying jewellery can be both a beautiful and a hectic experience. There are  many jewellery store in Hisar, that looks genuine from the outside, but the items begins to corrode days after its purchase. In short, there are a huge number of fraud stores out there, whose sole purpose is to fool you with fake jewellery. It is thus important to visit and purchase jewellery items from certified and genuine stores only.

jewellery store in hisar

Who doesn’t love a pretty collection? Not all stores have vast collections to choose from. Most of the jewellery store in Hisar have limited items to choose from. In this article, we have presented the list of 5 of the Best Jewellery store in Hisar, which sells genuine products and have a large showroom to showcase a large collection.

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One of the best Jewellery Store in Hisar, PC Jeweller has been actively giving strong competition to other branded jewellery store in Hisar. The showroom is full of heavy collections of the brand for customers to see and choose. PC Jeweller Jewellery store in Hisar is the one-stop destination for all kind of authentic and hallmarked jewellery.

The staffs of this place are very cooperative and well-trained. They manage the showroom very well and are always ready to assist their customers with anything. The prices are pretty adjustable too. It is a genuine place, from where you can purchase genuine gold and silver ornaments/jewellery.

LOCATION- 135,136, C.U.E.-1, Red Square Market, Hisar- 125001

CALL- 0166 223 5326


jewellery store in hisar

Saraswati Jewellers is among the oldest jewellery store in Hisar. Its showroom has a huge number of exclusive collections to choose from. Their uniquely designed jewellery and ornaments never fails to soothe the eyes. It is one of the best jewellery store in Hisar to put your faith and money on.

The store even allows you to customize your own jewellery design. The staffs and manager of this store is extremely humble and knows their job very well. The way the staff handle their customers is commendable. Saraswati Jewellers presents a welcoming environment to all of their customers and makes the visit of each customer, a memorable one.

LOCATION- Rajguru Market, 87, Hisar-125001

CALL- 092543 35100


jewellery store in hisar

Tanishq Jewellery has established a strong name of its brand all over India, and is also among the best brand of Jewellery store in Hisar. The collection of Tanishq Jewellery is extremely dreamy and crafted with extreme precision. The elegance of each piece is soaring than the other. It has a collection for every occassion. Be it a wedding to casual to festive collection, Tanishq covers it all.

The showroom is big and ravishing. The staffs manage the showroom extremely well and are always assisting customers with their problems. All the items are of extremely high quality and there’s no place for fraud. The fabulous ways of explaining each detail of a product by their team is worth listening. All the prices are pretty reasonable too considering the high quality finishing of each product.

LOCATION- Tanishq Showroom, Ground Floor, Delhi Road, opp. PLA Market, Hisar-125001

CALL- 1800 890 6026


jewellery store in hisar

Amba Jewellers has been around Hisar for more than 25 years now, and since its inception, has been the ambassador of quality and purity. Through their high quality items and impressive collection, Amba Jewellers have been maintaining the reputation of being the best jewellery store in Hisar since its inception.

All the staffs and associate members of Amba Jewellers are extremely cooperative and well-trained to manage that huge store. Their friendly nature and polite behaviour presents a very humble environment inside the showroom. The cost of items is comparatively lower than other jewellery store in Hisar too.

LOCATION- Petrol Pump, opp. PLA, Jai Dev Nagar, PLA, Hisar-125001

CALL- 099967 67888

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Dimple Jeweller through their exclusive and unique collection, proudly recognizes themselves as the jewellery store in Haryana carrying the heritage of Haryana. Through their simple, yet elegant and beautiful designs, they are reaching towards the new millennium. The ambience of the store is heavenly and the collections are presented very nicely.

The showroom is loaded with well-behaved and trained staffs, who does everything within their power to maintain the ambience of the store. It is also one of the best jewellery store in Hisar, which sells certified gemstones. Customers are well taken care of inside the shop. The store works hard to keep everything in order and to give their customers one heck of an experience. It is indeed one of the best jewellery store in Hisar in terms of customer service and product collection.

LOCATION-37, Arya Samaj Market Road, near Nagori Gate- Parijat Chowk Road, Hisar-125001

CALL- 098963 54315

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