For any book lover, a library is a heaven to them. It is the ultimate place for a person with a great passion toward reading. Before we discuss some of the greatest library in Hisar, let’s get briefed up first. Library is a place that provides every person a space of their own. A space where they can just be themselves and pick up whatever book they want. Books give us a much-needed retreat from the reality of our own lives. Books are the passageway to another mind of a great person.


We often find it difficult to stay focused and study with full concentration at our homes. That is when we go to libraries. Libraries have an in-built environment that helps readers stay focused on their works. It gives the much-needed pin- drop-silent atmosphere which is ideal for studying and staying focus.

A good library has good collection of books and materials along with a reader-friendly environment. In this article, we have enlisted 5 of the best library in Hisar, that has an ideal environment for reading and has lots of good books.

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One of the finest library in Hisar, The Central Library is a heaven for every book lovers out there. It gives students an ideal environment to study. The whole place is air-conditioned, which gives a cool inside atmosphere. The library remains open at every hour at every day of the week.

The place provides its readers with high speed internet connection for faster access to their educational knowledges. The halls are spacious and the seating arrangements are comfortable and good. The management made it a point to give every seat proper lightning facilities, so that readers can study and read comfortably  without straining their eyes. The management maintains a silent environment inside the halls to give the readers a peaceful environment without any distractions.

LOCATION- 187 red square market, Hisar, Haryana- 125001

CALL- 085295 94783



One of the most well- stocked library in Hisar, the library has attached bookshops as well as a stationery shop. To make things ever great, the library has a separate dining hall too. The whole place has banners and poster of motivational quotes by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam to keep students focused on their works.

The librarian is an amazing person and manages the whole place very efficiently. The peaceful environment helps students and people focus on their reading for long hours. The whole library is loaded with amazing books and good study materials. If you are looking for a library with a lot of books of your field and has good seating area and a comfortably silent environment, do go to Dr. Kalam Library.

LOCATION- Red Square Market SCO 196 basement, Hisar, Haryana- 125001

CALL- 099963 23638

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Another well-built and well-stocked library in Hisar, Daksh Library has received several positive online reviews by people who had been there. It provides an ideal study environment. The whole atmosphere is cool and calm to optimize the reader’s focus and concentration. The whole are has high speed free Wi-Fi for allowing readers to do quick study researches. There is also one discussion room as well. Apart from that, this library in Hisar is open 24 hrs. a day.

LOCATION- Jain Gali, bus stand talkie gate, tilak bazaar, Jain gali, Hisar-125011

CALL- 099927 77427


The Scholar’s library in Hisar has a well- maintained atmosphere and ambience inside the building. It allows students to read in peace without any distractions. The infrastructures are well maintained and is one of the best Library in Hisar in terms of good infrastructure. The library has a good collection of books and study materials for people to read and borrow.

The Scholar’s Library in Hisar, is lucky to have a great librarian who manages and keeps the books pretty well. The manager is also a good person, who is kind to everyone and helps to keep the place in order. This library too is fully air-conditioned. This helps maintain a cool environment inside the library. The Scholar’s library is indeed one of the best place for reading or for preparation of your exams.

LOCATION-H.no.44, Bank Colony, Urban Estate II, Hisar-125001

CALL- 094676 91497


Mannat Library is among the best library in Hisar. There are a lot of books and study materials available reading and renting purpose. The membership charge is also very less compared to other libraries. The library has a very clam and silent environment which is ideal for people who get easily distracted. The ambience of the place, helps readers stay focused for a long time. Furthermore, the library is very neat and clean. It is very well maintained.

The owner of the library is a very friendly person who is always ready to assist you. He helps in keeping and maintaining the calm atmosphere inside the library. All the additional facilities one get inside the library are great too. Moreover, the internet connection is also very good in this library. Thus, people can opt for researching online works easily. The seating systems are quite well-designed too. It makes sure that every seating point is comfortable and well- illuminated.

This library in Hisar is indeed the best in terms of atmosphere and services. It is the best place for studying and reading.

LOCATION- SCO 180, 1st Floor, near HDFC Bank, Red Square Market, Haryana, Hisar-125001

CALL- 090500 28888

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