One of the most critical and important professional fields, a neurologist is a specially trained doctor, who has expertise in treating and diagnosing brain disorders and diseases and illnesses related to the nervous system. It is one of the toughest fields of study, and it takes years of practice and experience to finally become a good neurologist. Before we list the names of some of the best neurologist in Hisar/ Neurology Hospital in Hisar, let’s first understand in depth the area of expertise of a neurologist.

neurology hospital in hisar

There are various symptoms and common signs that we face in daily life, which we tend to ignore. In the long run, these symptoms prove to be fatal and even life-threatening. It is important to detect early signs of neurological disorders and begin their treatment in the first stage of symptoms only. This is when we need to visit a well-renowned neurologist, who can help us go through the whole treatment procedure and guide us through the path of recovery. They have solutions for every kind of neurological problem including Alzheimer’s disease, strokes, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, concussions as well as migraines.

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However, it is important to note that, not every neurologist you find through the internet is as knowledgeable and skillful as they pretend to be. Visiting an unprofessional doctor with minimal real-life experience is just a waste of time and can even prove fatal in the long run, as they won’t be able to treat you properly. Below, we have presented a list of the best neurologist in Hisar, who are renowned for giving World-class neurological treatment to their patients.


neurologist in hisar

The founder of V K Neurocare & Trauma Research Hospital, Dr. V K Gupta has years of experience as a neurosurgeon and is undoubtedly one of the best neurologist in Hisar. Providing World-class neurological treatment, Dr. Gupta alongside his team has performed more than 4000 successful surgeries. His team of neurologists collaborates with Neuro- spine doctors, expert brain surgeons, and other specialist doctors in the field of neurology, to provide optimal treatment and health care facilities to the patients.

V K Gupta presents a patient-friendly environment for his patients to feel comfortable around him and at the hospital. With his heavy knowledge and high skills, Dr. V K Gupta provides his patients the best consults and treatment facilities. The staffs at his hospital are also very responsive and well-mannered. Dr. V K Gupta’s 26 years of experience in his field, helps him to successfully operate and cure severe and advanced cases of Brain strokes and Neuro-traumas. Dr. Gupta is indeed one of the highest reputed and knowledgeable neurologist in Hisar.

LOCATION- N- 159, Model Town, Hisar-125005
CALL- 086078 88996


One of the well-known Neurology Hospital in Hisar, the department of neurology in Medicity Hospital is packed with some of the best neurologist in Hisar. The doctors there are compared with God and have been reviewed as the best Hisar has to offer in the field of neurology. The place is especially known for dealing with and handling trauma patients with utmost professionalism making it one of the best neurology hospital in Hisar.

The doctors of Medicity Hospital, Dr. Pooja Siwach, and Dr. R Kumar, are an expert in their field and puts the patient’s life before everything. With their helpful approach and rightful consultancies, Medicity Hospital has successfully delivered several cases of neurology and traumas. The staffs are very patient and do their job efficiently. The hospital provides the right kind of treatment at an affordable price.

LOCATION- 1705, Sector 16-17, South By-Pass Road Sector 16, Hisar- 125001(near Springfield School)
CALL- 79473 10621


neurologist in hisar

Running and successfully administering the neuro- hospital, Shakti NeuroScience Centre, Dr. G P Burman is a senior and a very experienced neurologist in Hisar. His years of practice and dedication toward his field have earned him the tag of one of the best neurologist in Hisar. Apart from being a skilled doctor, he has a very friendly personality that attracts patients to visit his hospital.

G P Burman has immense knowledge in his field of expertise and is listens to his patients with great patience. He tries to understand every single problem and root of it and consults the best possible treatment accordingly. The staffs at his hospital are great too and are always ready to assist their patients with utmost care. His years of dedication and hard work have helped him establish his hospital as one of the finest neurology hospital in Hisar.

LOCATION- Auto market Rd, Opp Gindal Park, Tayal Bagh Colony, Hisar, Haryana-125001
CALL- 093543 20685

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One of the renowned neurologist in Hisar, Dr. Navneet Khurana received his super specialty degree in the field of neurology in the year 2012, from Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Medical University. He is a top neurologist in Geetanjali Hospital and also practices at his clinic called Khurana Neurology Clinic.

He has extreme knowledge in the field of neurology and has published a total of eight papers of his own, three of which have made their appearances in international journals. Dr. Khuranan believes in the power of natural recovery, and henceforth prescribes only the necessary medicines and not beyond that. He has been rated as one of the finest neurologist in Hisar on several online platforms.

LOCATION- Model Town, Hisar, Haryana-125011
CALL- 072065 44242


neurology hospital in hisar

The department of neurology is filled with prestigious, skilful doctors, who are indeed the best neurologist in Hisar. Sarvodaya Multi-speciality & Cancer Hospital is well reputed because of its neuro department. All the doctors in the neurology field are an expert of their field and are always ready to go to any extent to save and treat their patients.

Ashish and Dr. Umesh Kalra are among the best neurologist in Hisar who work at this hospital. Under their dedicated work only, the hospital has gained immense fame. The doctors working in Sarvodaya are genuinely dedicated and passionate about their work and have successfully treated and cure several of their patients. The hospital charges a reasonable fee, and the doctors show compassion toward patients with less stable financial backgrounds. Sarvodaya Multi-speciality & Cancer Hospital is undoubtedly one of the finest neurology Hospitals in Hisar.

LOCATION- Opp. Red Cross Bhawan, Delhi Rd. Hisar-125001
CALL- 098125 16009

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