Wondering which physiotherapist in Hisar could help you get rid of your years of untolerable pain? Do not worry, we have mentioned a list of 5 of the best physiotherapist in Hisar, for you. Apart from just reducing your pain, they help people restore their movements too. At some point of your life, your doctor must have asked you to consult a physiotherapist for your muscular or joint pain. When other field of doctors fail to reduce your pain or make your muscles move, it is the physiotherapists who come to your rescue.

physiotherapist in Hisar

Below, we have enlisted the top 5 physiotherapist in Hisar, so that you can make a better choice of physiotherapist, next time you need one of them.


physiotherapist in Hisar

Dr. Kamini is one of the best physiotherapist in Hisar. Through her loyal and hard work, she has cured the pain of many patients. She provides complete treatment of her patients through special massages and exercises, rather than just simply relying on physiotherapy. Throughout her career, she has cured numerous people who lost faith about their recovery. She is a master in dealing with joint and muscular pains.

Dr. Kamini is a very patient and professional lady. She behaves very properly and in a good way with all her patients. Her healthy behaviour draws hundreds of patients to her clinic every day. Her worthy advices are worth listening. She is one of the physiotherapist in Hisar, whose words you can put your faiths on. She mentions every procedure and benefits of them in detail to help her patients understand. One can begin to feel the changes and reduced pain within a few visits to her only.

LOCATION- DSS-154, opposite Central Park, Sector 14, Hisar, Haryana-125001

CALL- 076659 99606

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physiotherapist in Hisar

One of the best physiotherapist in Hisar, Dr. Ravinder Sain has high professional experience in the field of physiotherapy. Through his treatment procedures, he has successfully recovered a lot of his patients. Many of his patients have come to him without any hope of ever recovering from the endless pain and by the end of the sessions, were completely cured. There is not a single patient, who has not been satisfied with his physiotherapy sessions.

Dr. Ravinder Sain is extremely well-mannered and treats his patients with extreme care. He provides a good hospitality to all his patients and makes them feel comfortable. The way he approaches the treatment procedures, guarantees recovery. The staffs of his clinic are very good too, and they manage the clinic very well. If you are suffering from any kind of pain and needs physiotherapy for it, DO consult Dr. Ravinder Sain. He is indeed one of the best physiotherapist in Hisar, whose valuable treatment would definitely put out your pain.

LOCATION- Shop no. 38, near Mohan Sweets, Model Town, Hisar, Haryana-125001

CALL- 098139 92472


Dr. Naresh is one of the most renowned and well- experienced physiotherapist in Hisar. Through his extreme hard-work and knowledge, he has established a great name for his physiotherapy clinic. Dr. Naresh makes sure that his patients sense relief from pain from the very first sessions only. He is very professional in his field and understands what procedures will work best on what case. Through his therapy, he has shown the path to recovery to thousands of patients in his career.

Dr. Naresh is a very humble person who understands what his patient is going through. He presents a very warm and friendly environment, so that his patients can be comfortable around him. Through his honest and quality work, he has attracted several thousands of patients in his doorstep. He is not a money-minded person, and do not force his patients unnecessary into taking physiotherapy. He also charges a minimum consultancy fee, so that every patient can afford treatment.

LOCATION- In front of DCM gate, Gali no. 2, Mill Gate, Vinod Nagar, Hisar, haryana-125001

CALL- 098122 22261

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Dr. Dheeraj Mehta through his years of hardwork and dedication has received the Professional Contribution Award in the year 2019. He is indeed, the top physiotherapist in Hisar. Unlike other physiotherapists, he looks for permanent solutions. He makes sure that his patients do not need to visit him again with the same problem a few years after. His excellent consultancy along with the right treatment procedures, have successfully cured thousands of patients.

Dr. Dheeraj Mehta has a very friendly nature and treats his customers with utmost care. His way of approaching and greeting patients makes them immediately feel comfortable around him. The staffs in his centre are also well-trained and knows how to run a busy place like his therapy. The entire team at Sparsh Advance Physiotherapy Centre does a commendable job in keeping and maintaining a high reputation of the centre.

LOCATION- Jindal Chowk- Raipur Rd. Behind Manglam MRI Centre, Mahavir Colony, Dayanand Colony, Model Town, Hisar-125001

CALL- 094664 69666

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Dr. Vipin Arya is yet another great physiotherapist in Hisar. He is known for giving the perfect guidance to his patients. Through his right treatments, he has treated hundreds of thousands of patients and brought them to recovery. He respects each one of his patients and personally look after them. In this world of greedy people, he is a simply brilliant man. His hard work and dedication toward his patients never fails to bear positive results.

If you are confused about which physiotherapist in Hisar, you should consult, close your eyes and go to Dr. Arya’s clinic.

LOCATION- Officer Colony, Azad NAgar, hisar, Haryana-125001

CALL- 092531 80005

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