Mental health is a serious issue. People who face problems like depression, anxiety, panic attacks, they should be handled and treated gently. One wrong move and the person can lose their will to live. Before we discuss a few of the best psychiatrist in Hisar, who help people fight their mental issues, let us understand the seriousness of mental health.

Psychiatrist in Hisar

In today’s world, people are often asked to suppress their emotions. A person with emotional attachments is considered weak in the society. This is where the society is wrong. Suppressing emotions in the long run could lead to serious mental health problems like depression and anxiety. Depression is not something people just makes up. Its seriousness is yet to be taken seriously by the society. There is hardly anyone these days, to whom we can vent freely.

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That is where psychiatrist comes. They are god-gifted people who understand human emotions. They help people deal with mental pains and traumas caused by the society. We often call psychiatrists as not real doctors. This is again where we are wrong. In today’s world, almost every person needs to visit a psychiatrist for their well-being. Most of us don’t though. We are too bothered about getting called mad-men for visiting a psychiatrist. Together we need to fight this taboo.

This modern world needs more and more number of good psychiatrist to help mankind remain on their tracts. Below, we have mentioned some of the best psychiatrist in Hisar, so that you can visit the best doctor, in times of need.


One of the best psychiatrist in Hisar, Dr. Aman Manchanda has helped thousands of patients deal with their mental health issues. He has a very kind heart and always tries to understand his patient’s situation. Dr. Aman is a very good listener, and never interrupts his patients while they are speaking their heart out. Through his guidance and counselling, many patients of his has successfully cured themselves of mental traumas and anxiety issues. His charges are very nominal too.

He keeps motivating his patients to speak freely until they feel good. The way he talks and handles his patients is beyond amazing. His hard work, kind heart and dedication toward his patients guarantees healing. His hospital is managed very well by the well-trained staffs. The staffs are good and very helping as well. If you are looking for a great psychiatrist in Hisar, to cure your mental health issues, Dr. Aman Manchanda should be your top priority.

LOCATION- Opposite Dhobi Ghat Parking, near Bus stand, Rishi Nagar, Hisar, Haryana-125001

CALL- 090343 52225

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psychiatrist in Hisar

Dr. Shubham Mehta, through years of loyal service and being a patient doctor, has proved himself as one of the best psychiatrist in Hisar. He is incomparable. Patients who went to him has nothing to say about him other than showering him with praises. He tries to understand the core of the problem. He makes his patients speak, and help them deal with their issues. Dr. Shubham, reassures everyone that life is worth fighting for.

Dr. Shubham Mehta is one of the calmest doctor out there. His behaviour is extremely sober and the very nature of the doctor makes his patients speak their heart out and fight their issues. He is a very patient man and a great listener. He has helped hundreds of people fight depression and live a happy life after. His extreme knowledge about the whole world, adds volume to his work. His therapy sessions guarantees relief to a sore and unhappy mind.

If you are looking for a psychiatrist in Hisar, who would calmly hear all your issues and then help you fight through them all, do visit Dr. Shubham Mehta. His counselling sessions are worth attending.

LOCATION- 107 S, First floor, Gurudwara road, near Sharda Hospital, Model Town, Hisar, Haryana-125005

CALL- 082957 62550

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Psychiatrist in Hisar

Dr. Neha MEhta is one of the most amazing psychiatrist in Hisar. Through her worthy advices and counselling sessions, she has helped thousands of people overcome mental health issues. She has a very understanding nature, and makes every patient feel comfortable talking to her. She listens to her patients very calmly and allows them to talk their pain out. Dr. Neha provides people, a perfect place to vent themselves.

Her counselling techniques and the way she handles each patient is commendable. She herself is a very positive person, and with her sheer positivity she helps people reduce their mental pain. She has helped many patients deal with depression with grace. Her therapy sessions are worth attending, and the counselling she gives are worth listening. One can easily find their mental peace after a few sessions with her only. Through her amazing sessions, and success stories, she has proved herself as a worthy psychiatrist in Hisar.

LOCATION- Sirsa rd. opp. Civil Hospital, Sector 14, Hisar, Haryana-125001

CALL- 090502 32637

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