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“Does your institution have a promising marketing plan?”
If the answer is “NO”


Then we are here with huge success rate in the field of digital marketing which has become a vital ingredient in modern marketing strategies. In this time of global pandemic, social media has become more powerful than ever and it is the time you adapt to the technology accordingly because the schools have been shut physically for almost a whole session and to boost the marketing of your esteemed institution, We are here with our various services which will not only increase the scale of your reach but also give you a competitive advantage for a major extend over other institutions of the city.

This is Hisar fever, a fast-growing marketing agency in the world of digital marketing, we are at your doorsteps to assist you in making a solid base on social platforms which is becoming basic need for every entity in this era.

With almost experience of more than 2 years in this field, our company knows exactly how important it is to lay a concrete foundation of brand-building, SEO and Social media content marketing.



Our Company helps our clients to get best in quality visits so that the business booms and flourish as organic as it should be. We help in listing and ranking your school with the guaranteed 100k visits on the article with the prospected customers.

Video Marketing

We will help in listing your institution in our video with guaranteed views of 200k which helps in boosting conversion rates and influencing buying behaviour, also generating leads. Also, video marketing is seen as an investment as graphics and videos attracts consumers more than any other tactics.

 Social Media Management

This is one of the most strategy-oriented product we offer here at Hisar fever as Social media is like online representative of the institution, it has to look creative, thoughtful and attractive in order to build brand awareness, trust and loyalty among the consumers. Reaching visitors is not our only goal but converting them into client with our well designed and creative posts is our priority.

Google My business

Presence on Google my business helps to increase the chances of the entity to show up on Google maps, local searches and increased organic ranking by diverting traffic of prospect clients. Hisar fever provides the services of improving the overall image of your esteemed institution on Google maps with help of rating and reviews by optimizing your Google My Business page.

Web Development

If you don’t have a website for your school, we can build, design and maintain it for you. We have a complete team of UI designers and Developers; whose sole purpose is to provide comfortable and seamless user experience to your clients with help of user-friendly designs and professional web development.

Web Optimization

If you do have a website and it’s not as good as you expected it to be, don’t worry we are here to assist you in this case too. We can highly optimize your website so it loads faster and gives a better experience to your clients in the most cost-effective way; we can modify the website as per your requirements and help you in making things easy for the users to handle it and also bring more web traffic to it.

We are not just a digital marketing company, but we also provide many more Management and Designing facilities which can help in making the institution much more attractive, safe and equipped with state-of-the-art technology for the students by assisting in Infrastructure designing, Classroom designing, Graffiti Event Management, assisting in advance machine learning and artificial intelligence. Hisar fever aims to be the one stop solution for every digital problem faced in this era and provide with the full proof planning and strategy for a better future of a business.

For a better insight of our company please feel free to contact us on:

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