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10 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Hisar – Famous Places hisar

Hisar is one of the Most Developed City of North India and Haryana, also known as “steel city of India”.  Hisar has Situated 165 km to the West of  Delhi on the NH 10. Besides, this Hisar has its own History and had some Historical Places to Visit in Hisar like Firoz Shah Complex, Gujri Mahal, and Jahal Pul Zonal Museum.

10 Famous Tourist Places to Visit in Hisar

1. Agroha Dham

Agroha Dham - Places to Visit in Hisar

Dedicated to Goddess Mahalaxmi and Maharaja Agrasen, Agroha Dham is one of the famous tourist attraction in Agroha, Hisar. This beautiful complex builds and maintained by Agroha Vikas Trust, Construction of the main temple started in 1976 and completed in 1984 but the construction of rest is going on for more than 40 years.

There are 3 temples in the Agroha Complex, the temple of Goddess Mahalaxmi Ji in the center, Temple of Goddess Saraswati Ji in the Western, Temple of Maharaj Agrasen Ji in the Eastern. Two Elephants statue on the gate, 90 feet Hanuman Ji Statue,  Ramayana Gallery, Krishna Gallery, Vaishno Devi Cave, Dinosaur corner, Engraved walls makes this place more beautiful.

  • Location –  25 Km from Hisar Bus Stand in Agroha
  • Darshan Timing – Everyday From 6:30 AM to 8 PM
  • Entry Fees – Zero

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2. Firoz Shah Complex and Gujri Mahal

Firoz Shah Complex - Gujri Mahal - tourist palaces in hisar

Firoz Shah Tuglaq the “Sultan of Delhi” build this Fort in 1354AD. This Fort was the first building after establishing Hisar in 1354. The Orginal City of Hisar was built inside this Fort with Four Gates, Delhi Gate, Nagori Gate, Talagi gate and Mori gate. There is also a beautiful Mosque inside Fort “Lat Ki Masjid” and underground Tehkhanas which is the major attraction of this Place.

Gujri Mahal was built by Firoz Shah Tuglaq for his Gujri Rani which is belonged to Gujjar community. This Place is also built on the basis of love like Taj Mahal.  It is said that once King was on a hunting trip and sees Gujjar girl and fell in love with her beauty. The King wants to take her to Delhi after marriage but she didn’t want to leave Hisar, So He built this Square Shaped Palace in Hisar for his beloved Rani.

  • Location – Opp- Bus Stand, NH-10, Sastri Nagar, Hisar
  • Entry Fee – Zero
  • Timing – 8 AM to 7 PM

3. Jahaj Kothi Museum

jahaj kothi zonal Museum

Now Hisar setup its Very First Historical Museum in Jahaj Kothi.  Jahaj Kothi is an Ancient Ship shaped building located in Firoz Shah Complex.  It was originally Jain Temple which later became the residence of George Thomas(1756-1802) and James Skinner(1778-1841). The zonal museum houses the collection of Jain artifacts and George Thomas’s inscription stone. But, the government needs to put little more efforts to make it one of the best places to visit in Hisar or a major tourist attraction in Hisar

  • Location – Firoz Shah Complex, Opp- Bus Stand, Hisar
  • Entry Fees – Zero
  • Timing –  9 AM – 6 PM

4. Town Park and PLA Complex

Town Park Hisar Places to visit in Hisar

Town Park is one of the most popular parks in Hisar and major attraction for kids, old and couples.  This well-laid Garden located on Delhi Road and it’s dense bushes provide you relief from city’s stir.  The lovely musical fountain at the center of Park is probably the most attractive thing about this Park.  Hundreds of People visit daily for walking, Jogging,  gymming in outdoor Gym and to Relax and unwind themselves. The Park is one of the best places to visit in Hisar for Kids as they are loving Musical fountain and amusement park.

There is hardly any youngster living in Hisar who didn’t enjoy street food in PLA Market. PLA complex located the opposite side of Tirupati Insurance Broking Services is 2nd Kitchen for many street food lovers. Some great food chain like Burger Harbour, Baskin Robins, Browns Court Bakery and Pizza wings also have their branch in this complex. Best time to visit is 7 PM to 11 PM.

  • Location – Police Line Area, Hisar
  • Timing – 5 AM to 11 PM

5. OP Jindal Tower 

Places to visit in Hisar - Famous tourist places in Hisar

A 282ft 24 Floury High tower which is also known as Jindal Gyan Kendra is a major attraction in Hisar.  A Tower from where you can see whole Hisar and 250 people can see the city views from the top.  A Beautiful Park surrounded this Place where you can Relax With your Girlfriend or Family.  This Kendra also has a Library, Skating Ground, Swing, and Museum.  A Museum where you can learn about O.P. Jindal,  how a man from a small village created a 4 Billion Dollar company. O.P. Jindal sir made many innovations but never patented any of them.

  • Location – Shastri Nagar, Tohana Road, Hisar
  • Entry Fees – Free
  • Timing – 9 AM to &PM

6. Blue Bird Lake

Blue Bird Lake tourist places in hisar

The only Lake in Hisar situated near Hisar airport on NH 10. The Lake and its Surrounding Park area spread over 52 acres. This Beautiful Lake itself is in 20 acres and has a small island which is proving a Great Residence for migratory Birds and other flora and Fauna. More than 1000 white ducks resident at Blue Bird Lake which is lighting up its beauty.

The lake has the fishing facility and boating facility with all the safety gear like safety jacket and devices. The lake also has a landscaped parks, sightseeing walking paths, jogging Tracks, over water bridges and Play area for Children’s. it is one of the best places to visit in Hisar for Couples, School Tours, and Family Relaxation.

  • Location – Near Hisar Airport on NH 10
  • Boating fee – Rs. 75-150
  • Timing – 7 AM to 6 PM

7. Eminent Mall

Eminent mall

I would say that there is only one mall in Hisar that meets the standard of metro cities mall that is Eminent Mall. Eminent mall is spread over in 17550 Square feet area including 4400 Sq ft Atrium and 5800 S ft Food Court. This 5 Story mall is one Stop center for Shopping, Food, and Entertainment for the public of Hisar.

The eminent mall is the newest mall in Hisar but it is the biggest public puller in Hisar. Specially People loving PVR Miraz. This 3 Multiple Screen cinema has a capacity of more than  400 people with enough leg space.  Mall also has some Big Brands like Pantaloons fro Shopping,  Burger King for food and some more coming

  • Location – Red Square Market, Hisar
  • Timing – 9 AM to 11 PM

8. Haryana Agriculture University(HAU)

Haryana Agriculture University Hisar

HAU is one of the Biggest Agricultural University in Asia. It has very large and beautiful campus and visited by localize for morning and evening walks and became one of the best tourist places in Hisar . The University campus spread over an area of 8465 acre (out of which 6483 acre is used for farming and 1426 acre is outstation and in Rest 736 acre is main campus).

Main campus has 6 Colleges, Fletcher Bhawan for administrative staff, Nehru Library a collection of over 3 lakhs books, Indira Gandhi Auditorium, Hostel and Kishan Ashram for visiting farmers, Clubs, Shopping Centers, Banks book stores etc.

  • Interesting – HAU has a temperature of 2 Degree lower than Hisar City
  • Location– Gate No. 1 Near Mahabir Stadium, Gate No. 4 On NH – 52
  • Timing – 5 AM to 9 PM

9. Devi Bhawan Mandir

Devi Bhawan Temple Hisar

One of the most important religious places to visit in Hisar is Shri Devi  Bhawan Mandir. This temple was constructed on the branch of West Jamuna canal in 1770 by Maharaja Amar Singh of Patiala.   You will get to see alots of Hindu God idols here. But it is believed that initially temples is constructed with only four idols i.e  Goddess Kali Mata, Durga Mata, Lord’s Mahadev Family Bharion Baba which was  surrounded by a Water Tank. As time passed temples houses 10 more idols one by One.

Devi Bhawan Temple is one of the oldest and ancient temples in Hisar. Temple premises is very neat and clean with beautiful park gives you endless peace of mind, also have Gaushal(dairy)  in its premises. Temples construction is a beautiful, gives a treat to your eyes and Parking facility is also there. on Saturday Sunday  you will slight rush.

  • Location – Near FC College, Aggarwal Colony, Hisar – 125001
  • Timing – 5AM to 10 AM – 4PM to 9PM

10.  MG Heritage Village

MG Heritage Village

MG Heritage is well known tourist attraction in Hisar. The aim of MG Heritage Village is to give tourists a full experience of village culture. This Resort was started in 2016 and sprawled in around 20 acre with unique architectural that reflects the pride of village Culture.

If You love traditional village culture and have not seen yet or want to experience another time then this is the Place to visit in Hisar for you. Here You will see some amazing adventure to treat your eyes or experience like Camel riding, Spin Wheel, mud bath, tubewell bath, Stone mill, Kancha Goli, Pithoo, traditional dances, pot making and a lots more.

  • Location – Sirsa Road, Dhandhur, Hisar – 125052
  • Timing – 9AM to 5 PM


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