Urologists are doctors who have a specialization in the field of the whole urinary system. Before discussing the top three best urologist in Hisar/ Urology hospital in Hisar, let’s understand the work of a urologist a bit better. In the modern world, due to the fast-food chain and less consumption of water, people are getting more vulnerable to getting infected or becoming a victim of urinary diseases. In short, urologists other than handling every organ of the urinary tract also deals with problems arising from male reproductive tracts and organs.

urologist in hisar

Urologists are an expert in dealing with all kinds of diseases and infections arising from the bladder, kidneys, testicles, penis, adrenal as well as the prostate glands in men. From helping with erectile dysfunction to performing vasectomy, a urologist covers it all. In women, urologists largely treat several forms of UTIs to dealing with bladder, kidney cancer as well as treatment of interstitial cystitis.

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These days, largely due to unhealthy lifestyle changes, there is an increase in problems with the urinary tract, and hence there is a significant increase in the demand for urologists. However, the number of urologists is far below that of any other field of a doctor, and most of them are not genuine or well-experienced. Below, we have presented the list of the top 3 urologist in Hisar/ Urology hospital in Hisar, for you to help you make a better decision.


urologist in hisar

Guru Jambheshwar Multi Speciality Hospital was established in 1994 with the sole motive of serving humanity in the rural areas. Over the years, the hospital has gained immense fame, and because of its excellent department of Urology, it is considered one of the best Urology Hospitals in Hisar. GJMSH has successfully delivered a huge number of satisfied patients since its operation. With a kind and caring staff and great in-hospital facilities, GJMSH has a high reputation.

The urology department is blessed with a urologist like Dr. Kshitij Bishnoi, whose valuable consultation attracts a lot of patients in the hospital. Dr. Kshitij has 8 years of experience in the field of medicine and has a high reputation as a Kidney Transplant Surgeon. He is an extremely professional and caring doctor. His accurate diagnosis and treatment have saved the lives of hundreds of patients. His dedication and great skills as a urologist have earned him the tag of the best urologist in Hisar.

If you ever in a need of a urologist, do visit Guru Jambheshwar Multi Speciality Hospital and ask for Dr. Kshitij Bishnoi.

LOCATION- Adampur Road, Agroha Road, Hisar-125047
CALL- 79473 10679

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One of the most prestigious urology hospitals in Hisar, Aadhar Hospital has been providing world-class treatment since its operation. The hospital is loaded with the some of the best urologist in Hisar, making its urology department one of the best in Hisar. The hospital is equipped with all modern equipment for optimal efficiency in diagnosis and treatment. The staffs are excellent and are always ready to assist their patients with anything. The overall management of the hospital is also good.

With 14 years of experience, Dr, Surender Singh Bhakar is one of the finest urologist in Hisar. He is one of the leading doctors of Aadhar Hospital and works there as a urologist. He did his specialization in urology from the prestigious Government Medical College Kozhikode. Furthermore, he is an expert in the field of Kidney transplantation and has successfully conducted transplant procedures in many of his patients.

LOCATION- Near South Bypass Crossing, NH10- Tosham Rd Connection Rd, Hisar-125001
CALL- 097299 13333


urologist in hisar

With several hundreds of successful Urological procedures under his name, Dr. Pankaj Mittal is indeed the best Urologist in Hisar. He is an expert Kidney Stone surgeon and has successfully cured a lot of his patients of kidney stones. Dr. Pankaj is an extremely knowledgeable doctor, who always knows what’s best for his patients. He is known to handle efficiently even difficult cases too.

Pankaj Mittal is very professional in his work and discusses every procedure with his patients before performing it. Even after the surgery, he keeps on track with his patients to make sure nothing went wrong. One of the most skillful urologist in Hisar, Dr. Mittal has received a lot of positive reviews on online platforms.

LOCATION- Hisar road, near Sanjivani Hospital, Court Colony, Agrasain Colony, Haryana-125055
CALL- 70823- 87026

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